Terry Anderson’s KLOG

Jun 29 2006, 2:30 PM-4:30 PM

Penn Cove, Puget Sound, WA (Whidbey Island)

Launched from a public beach at the end of Monroe Landing Rd on the north side of Penn Cove

Google Earth Placmark *

Low Tide 2:17 PM -0.6 feet



The launch site has a beach with a modest width at low tide.  There is a concrete ramp running into the water even at this minus tide, but even beside the ramp is pebbles, not mud. 


I paddled along the north shore of Penn Cove past two piers (a county pier, I think, and Penn Cove Seafood pier) to the west end of the cove.  There was a modest breeze sometimes westerly (head wind) and other times southerly with some ripple in places and some nearly glass smooth water.  Early I passed a brief part with modest long swells running to the north (perpendicular to my path) allowing me to practice stability control. 


Near the west end of the cove I saw an eagle flying low over the tideland.  I also observed jellyfish about 5” diameter in the area (three or four and another two or three on the return).  I passed several loons who entertained me with their plaintive cry, as well as numerous gulls and cormorants


I paddled a short distance along the southern shore, past Captain Whidbey Inn and their Cutty Sark bark and into the cove to the west before turning around and returning by the same route. 


I went a total of approximately 5.5 nautical miles averaging 3.1 knots (1:47 paddling time according to my GPS).


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