Terry Andersonís KLOG

Jun 15 2007

Ala Spit, Whidbey Is., WA

Launched from the public beach

Google Earth Placemark *




After launching from the beach, I paddled south along the shore of Whidbey Is to Dugualla Bay (Google Earth Placemark) and into the Bay about halfway to the end, but as the shore became more westerly the head wind picked up and I turned around and paddled back out of the bay and up the coast, past Ala Spit and into the lagoon behind the spit.  Here I encountered my first harbor seal of the day as well as a number of herons.  I paddled up the Island shore to the north end and the opening to Deception Pass.  As I neared the channel to the pass I saw another harbor seal.  I did not paddle quite far enough to actually see down the channel to the Pass.  As I reversed and paddle back toward the spit I saw two more seals (one may have been the same one seen on the way north). 


* If you have Google Earth installed, you can double-click on the attached Placemark file and it will fly you to the location. If not, you will need to install Google Earth first (available at http://earth.google.com).